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Esterlin Brut Eclat Rose Champagne

2020 Bottle of Emendis Cabro Xarelo Still White Wine sold by Keystone Importers in Philadelphia

Vineyard Esterlin

Vintage NV

Country France

Region Epernay

Type Champagne

Varietals 41% Chardonnay, 59% Pinot Meunier,

77% vintage 2014 23% made with our red Pinot Meunier

Alcohol 11.5%


Aging: base harvest 2014

Bottling: June 2015

Disgorging date: March 2018

Salmon colored wine, with delicate aromas of of wild red fruits. In the mouth taut notes of cooked strawberries and cherry kernel. The tannins are particularly fine and the length in the mouth is very pleasant.


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