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Aldeya Blanco Verdejo

2020 Bottle of Emendis Cabro Xarelo Still White Wine sold by Keystone Importers in Philadelphia

Vineyard Finca Aylés

Vintage 2015

Country Spain

Region Aragon

Type Still White

Varietals Chardonnay, Macabeo

Alcohol 12.0%

Winemaking Our extreme climate conditions are reflected in the character of our wines. Very hot summers with temperatures of +40ºC (104ºF) and dry and cold winters with -10ºC (14ºF), with strong northern winds throughout the year. During the summer we have thermal oscillations of more than 20ºC (68ºF) between day and night. This is the reason why we have specialized in making night harvests, in order to preserve the characteristics of our grapes preventing them from starting an early fermentation due to the day heat. The calcareous clayey composition of the soil, allows us to store the scarce spring water to supply the vine throughout its cycle until harvest. We have slow sproutings with delays of up to 15 days, compared to other areas with the same altitude. All this gives us a vegetative cycle and long and late grape maturation.

Aging Aged for 6 months in new French oak barrels from Allier


Bright yellow color, the nose shows tropical fruits and white flowers balanced with notes of vanilla and classic crème brûlée. Medium body with good mouthfeel with bright and crisp and finish.


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