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Matamis Charilys Spumante Brut

2020 Bottle of Emendis Cabro Xarelo Still White Wine sold by Keystone Importers in Philadelphia

Vineyard Matamis

Vintage NV

Country Greece

Region Epanomi

Type Sparkling White

Varietals Assyrtiko-Malagouzia

Alcohol 11.5%

Winemaking The slightly sloping and drained fields of Epanomi are reckoned to be the most suitable for viticulture. The beneficial effect of sea dew, plays a very important role, preventing the quick ripening of the grapes, conveying at the same time to the fruit, the ultimate taste expression of the variety.


Pale yellow color with light green highlights being followed by rich genesis of fine bubbles, with symmetrical distribution and duration. Gentle nose, citrus and floral aroma accompanied by notes of acacia and bread. Mouth with rich taste escorted with a refreshing acidity and a creamy lather. The aftertaste has intense period and character of white flesh fruit. The citrus and floral aroma are followed by notes of acacia. The rich mouth is followed by a refreshing acidity, while the finish is long and persistent. This pairs beautifully with marinated salmon, caviar and oysters.


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