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Louis Vallon Cremant de Bordeaux Brut

2020 Bottle of Emendis Cabro Xarelo Still White Wine sold by Keystone Importers in Philadelphia

Vineyard Louis Vallon

Vintage N.V.

Country France

Region Bordeaux

Type Sparkling White

Varietals Semilion, Cabernet Franc, Muscadelle

Alcohol 12.5%

Winemaking Crémants de Bordeaux are sparkling wines produced according to the same process as that used in Champagne (méthode champenoise). Bordeaux Blanc Brut, as required by the appellation, meets strict specifications. Harvests are exclusively manual, and the grapes are transported in openwork boxes. The production method is traditional, following the Champagne method: pressing, first fermentation, second fermentation in the bottle, aging, riddling, disgorging and drawing. Louis Vallon Crémant de Bordeaux Blanc Brut is aged for at least 12 months on slats so that its aromatic and taste qualities develop.


Light yellow/green color. The bubbles are very fine and elegant. Fresh and sappy, with citrus, red apple and biscuit dominating the nose, prior to a vivid, rounded, classy and well-crafted palate. Perfect pairing with Chocolate cake, Baked sea bream, Scallops, Oysters, Avocado with Shrimp, Salmon, Lobster skewers, Raspberry Shortcake, Hot chocolate fondant with custard, Tiramisu & Chocolate Charlotte.


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