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La Canellese Original Bitter

Distiller La Canellese

Type Bitter Liquor

Country Italy

Region Piedmont

Alcohol 23.0%


As per the original recipe, where sugar content in bitters and amaro was low, in La Canellese Original Bitter this sobriety brings out all the aromas and fragrances of the 30 medicinal plants used. The slow maceration, very long in winter and fast in summer, keeps and preserves the aromas of the medicinal plants in order to obtain a top quality extract, very persistent, and this is the reason of the complexity of our Original Bitter. The traditional Piedmontese method, the cold extraction and stabilization, the quality and quantity of medicinal herbs, the low content of sugar, the very fine spirit and the absence of artificial food colorants give to Original Bitter an unusual, rare, and unique personality.


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