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La Canellese Amaro San

Distiller La Canellese

Type Amaro

Country Italy

Region Piedmont

Alcohol 17.0%


Amaro San is the rediscovery of a lost heritage. A precious and important formula, jealously guarded as a brilliant with the family jewels. Amaro San is La Canellese’s most uninhibited digestif: fragrant and highly spiced, it comes from the infusion of selected herbs mixed with a wine of great value. It’s an explosion of cinnamon, angostura, sweet and bitter orange, juniper berries. Its taste is harmonious with final characteristic notes of rhubarb. Its powerful elegance gives the palate balanced and intense flavors. When served cold, Amaro San is a tasty amaro, but it can be also appreciated warm with a lemon twist as a miraculous digestive.


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